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Music For Schools Free MP3 Downloads

Free MP3 Downloads From Music For Schools LtdEach product page features small playback buttons beneath each song title, but if you can't see them, it's likely they've been blocked by your browser security settings.  Solution... on this page you can access all our song samples, by scrolling down to each resource and clicking on each song title. This launches your computer's resident media player (e.g. Windows Media Player, Quicktime, etc.) to playback each song. These files are free to share and download !

(Files are excerpts only and in MP3 format for quick download. They don't include the full song or the high audio quality that you'll experience on all our product CDs.)

An Easy Cheesy Nativity - Early Years Nativity Musical

A Little Bit of Cheese

Wonkey Donkeys

Do Ba De Moo

Baa Baa Baa

Milk and Magic

A Bed for Baby Jesus

Away In A Manger

Animal Rumble Grumble - All-year-round Musical

Kings Of The Jungle

Nyonei Ropta

Move Aside !

Cheeky Monkeys

Zebra Song

Rain Dance

Animal Chant

Twenty Feet Tall


Bouncebackability - Primary emotional wellbeing and resilience songs


Wobble In My Tummy

Talk About It

Feeling Sad Today



Somebody Else

Tell Somebody

Dr Renwick's Rhythm And Rhyme: Early Years Songs

Just One Finger

Tummy Rumble

Deep In The Ocean

Can You Tap Your Fingers

I Can Rhyme

Chig-A-Chig Choo

I've Got A Rhythm

Jenny Jumble

Travel Around

Rhythm Of My Words

Favourite Animal

Elephant Moo

Fox Cat Box

Puppy Kitten

Sammy Sneezy

Silly Name Song

Fit Food Five - Healthy Eating Songs

Gimme Five

Greasy Chip

Good Breakfast

Super Fruit & Veg

Snack Attack

Go For Green - Primary School Eco Songs

We're On A Mission

I Need Energy

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Pick It Up

It's Cool & It's Wet


Recycle It

Planet Earth

Good News - Easter Musical

Pilate's Song

Barabbas' Song

Donkey Song

Mary's Song

Get Out of This Temple (school performance)

Who Baked The Bread (school performance)

Growing Up, Getting On: Early Years Songs

Tell Me How You're Feeling Today

What Shall I Play With Today ?

Tell Somebody !

Can You Do It Too ?

Friendly Family

Happy And You Know It

Rules Are Made To Help Me

Will You Be My Buddy ?

We Can Play Together

There's A Job To Do

Here We Go Round The Christmas Tree: Christmas Nativity Songs

Here We Go Round The Christmas Tree

Christmas Presents

Chocolate Shapes

Shiny Baubles

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Lights

Gold And Silver Tinsel

Little Stars

Bang Goes The Cracker

Soldiers Standing Tall

Think Of Baby Jesus

I Wish I Was A Fairy On A Christmas Tree

Away In A Manger

Jingle Bells

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Musical Maths Activity Songs: Early Years Songs

Three Crabs Playing On A Sandy Beach

Counting Raindrops

Molly Measles

Take Away - Add

Funny Fish Fingers

I Can Hear A Number

My Little Hen

Farmer Song

Pizza Song

Sharing Apples

On and Off the Bus

Here We Go Again

Bears - Big, Medium and Small

Let's Go Looking For A Monster

Can You Draw A Shape Today ?

There's a Shape in the Box !

One Bright Night: Christmas Musical

Sheep's Song

Donkey's Song

One Small Light

Cow's Song

Cow's Song (school performance)

Sheep's Song (school performance)

People Who Help Us - The Musical: All-year-round Musical

Thank You For Helping Us

Happy To Help (Police song)

Hop Hop Lollipop (Lollipop People Song)

The Ambulance Crew

Teeth Song (Dentist)

Fire Engine

A Musical Spectacular

Save Our Planet - All-year-round Musical

Save Our Planet

Zarkonian Woes

Big Zed

Alien Dance

Something's Happening


Sing Easter - Easter Songs

Riding Into Jerusalem

We Don't Want Jesus

Let Us Eat Together

Garden of Gethsemane

Where Is Jesus ?

Listen People of Jerusalem

On A Cross

Jesus Is Missing

Risen & Alive

Who Was Jesus ?

Songs for Early Years Letters and Sounds - Early Years Songs

Aspect 1 - sample song A

Aspect 1 - sample song B

Aspect 2 - sample song A

Aspect 2 - sample song B

Aspect 3 - sample song A

Aspect 3 - sample song B

Aspect 4 - sample song A

Aspect 4 - sample song B

Aspect 5 - sample song A

Aspect 5 - sample song B

Aspect 6 - sample song A

Aspect 6 - sample song B

Aspect 7 - sample song A

Aspect 7 - sample song B

Introduction sample song A

Introduction sample song B

Stella The Starfish - All-year-round Musical

Clownfish Song

Rainbow Fish Song

Terry The Turtle

Sid The Shark

Seaweed Dance

Return to Shore

The Puzzled Penguin - All-year-round Musical

Penguin Song

Feeling So Unhappy

Frosty The Fox

Ice Dance

Penguin Song (school performance)

This Is Christmas - Christmas Songs

There Was A Star

Jolly Old Father Christmas

Christmas Tree

Christmas Presents

Let A Candle Shine

Christmas Cracker

A Manger For A King

I Wish I Was A Fairy

Just A Baby Boy


Trapped In Cyberspace - Primary School Leavers' Musical

Cyber travel FX

We've Just Been Zapped

Victorian School Song

Future Kids Song

Counting in French Song

Celebrate Song

Try Something New - Healthy Eating Songs

Try Something New

Super Salad

Fruity Family

Choose A Healthy Snack

Be Nice To Your Tummy



Where Does It Come From ?

A Rainbow For My Tea

Welcome To Our World - Song and Dance Spectacular

One World


Sierra Leone


West Indies

Andean Dance



New Zealand


Morris Dance (Webley Twizzle)